A little about myself…


Hi I’m Nick

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to be photographer. I’d stare in marvel for hours at the incredible work being done around the work in National Geographic or Nature. I couldn’t have even dreamed of doing what they do, but gosh did I want to, and one day I decided I was going to make it happen. I brought my little point & shoot everywhere with me and haven’t stopped taking photos since.

Time has passed but my passion for photos has only grown! While my love for nature still remains, my focus is now on portraiture and capturing “the moment”. All through college I studied composition, design, and photography. Upon graduating I wanted to mix them all together. All that you see here is a product of that passion.

If you’re looking for a photographer that listens to you and your vision of great portraits, look no further!


My Mission

Booking with me can guarantee you a few things:

  • An easy and personal experience.

  • A fun and relaxing photoshoot.

  • Photos that you can be excited to show!

My goal is to always put you first. After all, this is about you! Not everyone likes having their photos taken, but I have yet to not have a great time with every one of my clients. So lets get together and chat about what you want to see when you think of your perfect photoshoot!


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